Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 Weeks and Counting!!!

Okay, so since I'd decided to go back to teaching full-time, It became clear to me early during the school year that making hair clippies, monsters and Sweet and Sinister dolls was not going to happen if I wanted to be successful at either career. SO! My official last day of school was yesterday which starts the 2 week countdown to the summer opening of my Etsy Shop!! Custom orders will still be available and for those of you in the Columbus area, I will still have my work available at Wholly Craft!

I will also be debuting my new hand knitted owls, line of fingerpuppets (Digit Midgits), and Eye-Patch Pretty dolls!

Visit again soon!! And for all you other teachers out there... have a happy relaxing summer!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh the ever growing junk!!

So with our recent move to Florida comes weeks of packing.... BOOOO! I know that there are many people that would agree with me when I say packing is one of the most painful processes EVER! So in the three weeks of taking the time to label and sort items into their appropriate boxes I realized that our apartment looks the same as it ever did and no matter how many things I throw away and get rid of ... it never ends!! AAAHH! Here are some of the ridiculous things I have accumulated in the past two years that I am now getting rid of some how!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A month with mud

So those of you that have known me for a while, know that my true passion lies in Ceramics. I love the feel of cold clay and opening up that kiln after a glaze fire!! I was fortunate enough to take care of Open Studios at the Arts Castle and to have some nice quiet time make some stuff for myself and others of course. This is definitely a work in progress so these items are not glazed. They should be finished in the next few weeks. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CTA Craftstravaganza!! Yay!

So this past Sunday was the Columbus Torah Academy Craftstravaganza! So fun! For most of us this event started the 2009 season, so it was a nice way for us fellow artists to hang out, check out this years new creations, and transition back into selling mode! Here are some pics of some goodies I got for myself and for Elliot!!

Here are some fantastic goodies I picked up Sunday!

This is poster is made by Clinton Reno for the 2009 North Market Holiday show!
How cool is he to include an image of one of my owls!! Please check his site, he is a talented illustrator with a sweet style!

This Knucklebitter is made by Abbydid! She and I traded for one of my hair clippies! She is based in Cincinnati, so I was lucky to meet her for the first time and experience her functional and fun plushies!!

Spacedog studios is responsible for this recycled number! Filled with fun papers and great colors, Sarah can really put together a OOAK high-quality product that felt like it was made just for me! I love it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Future graphic designer

So, if any of you have kids (or not), you may find this humorous (or completely frustrating)! So as I was on my way to the Ceramics Lab at the Arts Castle, I received a phone call from my husband. When I answered, he asks me about Sharpie Paint Markers. Weird, right? He never asks about arts supplies! So as I go into depth about the pros and cons of this permanent media, he cuts me off to rephrase his question. What he meant to say was... How would one, remove Sharpie paint markers from skin, clothes, and laptops. Yikes.

After work I came home and asked my daughter what she did that day. She answered proudly, " I did this! " and points to my laptop. I asked her to describe what she had drawn, and still, after 3 weeks she has consistently described her laptop cover creation!

Blue lines, a tree, a chichayay (that means chicken) and toast.

...I gotta say... not bad for a 23 month old. Enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Pair of Ducks

So today was the second session of my art enrichment class at the Arts Castle, in Delaware.! The Theme: Things that grow. The Book: Growing Like Me by Anne Rockwell. The Project: A sculptural piece, of an animal ( the baby and adult stage). Today I only had 2 kids but their projects turned out amazing!! We reviewed free-form/ Organic and geometric shapes then created a sculpture in the animal of their choice, which coincidently were Ducks. The boys learned how to mix colors with model magic but the rest of the project was left to their imaginations! Good work Guys!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Supersize Please!

So in my attempt to fill some consignment orders and create some new designs, I came across a drawing I made a month ago. I decided to make it into a hair clip and just fell in love! So now i'm making a ton of them. And the great thing is that I can make them into hair clippies or take the clip out and make it into an iron on patch! So here are some pics!! Oh and if you are interested they will be in my other etsy shop where you can find baby blankets, bibs, wash and burp cloths as well as baby accessories (clippies and bottle straps) and things to make life little easier for mom ( breastfeeding bracelets and Key fobs) Make sure you check it out!!

Oh and If you are in the Columbus area I will be at the CTA Craftstravaganza! Sunday April 26 (2:30 -8:00) I will have some new monsters and clippies as well as the usual owls and fattyfists!! I hope to see you there!!!